Avanona Cialos

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Versatile knife ideal for trekkers and all outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking. The Cilaos is accompanied by his self-sharpening.

The Blade
3,5 mm thick, full silk, stainless steel Mox 27Co. After treatment, high hardness coefficient (60-61 H.C.C.) and high resistance to corrosion. The front 2/3 of the blade is sharpened for precision work. They also have a segment of micro-teeth to quickly cut ropes and straps.

Made of Micarta®, a composite material consisting of a frame of flax cotton embedded in an epoxy base under high temperature and high pressure. Stable material over time, resistant to changes in temperature, humidity. Very pleasant to touch

Integrated self-sharpening system mono / double blades. This patented system calibrates the cutting angle of the blades at each entry and exit of the knife in its case, ensuring the perfect sharpening of the blade. Ceramic sharpeners made of 99.9% alumina are 8 times harder than steel. Their structure is bioinerte and food compatible.
The self-sharpening system sharpens the blade at 28 °, equivalent to the angle of Japanese mythical swords. No current outdoor knife has this feature.

A formula based on biomedical silver salt is added to the raw material of the case, offering it antibacterial properties. The sharpener cassette is easy to extract and offers the ability to thoroughly clean / rinse all parts of the mechanism.


The cases have the particularity of being ambidextrous. Whether one is right-handed or left-handed, the knife fits indifferently into its sheath. Each case accepts indiscriminately single or double edged blades.
The attachment device based on a system of straps and adjustable Velcro fasteners allows to position the case in vertical or horizontal position, on a belt, a strap, the Molle ties of a tactical vest, a strap, and all other support, and this, safely.


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